5 Ways For Realtors To Keep On Top Of Real Estate Trends

How can Realtors best stay educated, informed, and on top of current and emerging trends in real estate today?

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It is vitally important for real estate agents to be tuned into ongoing changes, and future trends. All Realtors have minimum continuing education requirements to maintain their licenses. Yet, those bare minimums aren’t enough to protect your career, position in the market, stay relevant, be able to stand out as the best agent to help, stay safe from cyber security threats, or get ahead of the crowd and curve. The world of real estate is big with endless things to learn, and it is constantly changing. Here are some ways to stay in the loop, and get the edge.

1 Continuing Education Classes

Realtors must make sure that they attend the legally required amount of continuing education hours each license renewal period. This can be done online or in the classroom. Consider going beyond the basics, and making the most of this time with classes and designations which are relevant and in trending niches. That may include learning more about sustainability, luxury property, and more.

2 Attend Events

Live events are great for getting the latest insights and tips. Your Realtors association, FAR, and NAR hold events you can attend. Big brokerages often host weekly meetings and annual get togethers. Then there are entrepreneurial and investment events like the Ignite Summit in SWFL that can introduce agents to new concepts and contacts. Tampa, Florida based title insurance company, Compass Land and Title, has also been hosting regular learning events on topics like cyber security.

3 Blogs & Books

Leaders read. Real books can still be a solid asset for lifelong learning. One that might help agents get the edge ahead if Gary Keller’s ‘The Shift’. Or tune into regular blog feeds to get updates on what’s going on out there.

4 Dedicate Time to Research

Facebook and the news media can be good for keeping in touch with what others are hearing, and how they are being manipulated. Yet, the real data and trends often tell quite a different story. Take time to dig into the numbers yourself on a regular basis, and get out into the real world to see it for yourself.

5 Networking

Networking with others is one of the best ways to really tap into the pulse of the street. It lets you hear first hand what others are experiencing, and how they feel about the market. Do this at local real estate networking events, doing lunch with other industry pros, or hosting your own gatherings.

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