10 Ways For Realtors To Fend Off Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security has become one of the biggest threats to the real estate community. Individual Realtors and their clients have become one of the most targeted groups by networks of professional hackers. What can you do to avoid the extreme cost of being their next victim?

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  1. Mobile Security

With the majority of real estate business being done on mobile phones today, all Realtors and brokerages should be considering enhanced security for their mobile devices. Tools like Samsung Knox can be used to provide multiple layers of security and to manage it at a business level.

  1. Smart Social Media Practices

Social media is one of the biggest security threats today. Far too much can be shared. Agents and team members should be active online, but should have some smart guidelines to ensure they stay safe.

  1. Google

For Google power users remember to use your online security controls to watch for strange logins, and to sign out of old or lost devices.

  1. Microsoft

The same applies to Microsoft Office. Use your online dashboard to uninstall and manage users on different devices.

  1. Detailed Bookkeeping

CRES Insurance Services says 50% of identity theft isn’t caught for at least a month. Small fraudulent transactions that slip in should be verified or challenged quickly, even extra deposits.

  1. Video Surveillance

New video security solutions can provide great protection for offices and homes, and now make it easier to prevent or fend off crimes, versus just trying to track down criminals after the fact.

  1. Cloud Backups

Regularly backing up data to the cloud, to multiple locations, and offline can make a world of difference if you are hacked. This way you can salvage what you have and won’t be held ransom.

  1. Choose Vendors & Business Partners Carefully

Be sure you are only using vendors and partners who are serious about fighting cyber threats and are on top of their game.

  1. Verify, Verify, Verify

Double and triple check email instructions, especially when they involve wiring money for closings.

  1. Get Educated

Cyber risks and solutions are changing fast. It is essential to stay out ahead of this if you want to stay safe, preserve your career, and work with the best professionals and businesses.

Want to know more? Tampa Bay Realtors are invited to a Cyber Security Briefing presented by Compass Land & Title on Tuesday, August 22nd at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort starting at 12 p.m.

The educational gourmet luncheon seminar will be held in the award-winning Marchand’s dining room and conclude with a networking opportunity over cocktails in the historic hotel, located in the heart of downtown St. Pete. Guest speakers and Cyber Security educators and experts John Gonzalez and Jason Tripp will delve into the different types of cyber fraud, giving current examples and offering tips to stay safe from attack.

Attendees of the Real Estate Cyber Security Briefing will learn

1) How to protect their data

2) How to securely communicate confidential information with their clients

3) The legitimacy of cyber threats

4) What to do if you suspect a cyber-attack or date breach has occurred

This event is complimentary to realtors and co-hosted by Guaranteed Rate of Tampa Bay. Contact Michael Dupre at MikeD@Compasslandanditle.com to RSVP.

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