Comprehensive Title Search

Compass Land & Title provides comprehensive title search services for both residential and commercial properties.

We Offer the best Title Search Services in Tampa, FL

Residential and Commercial Title Search Services


A property title search service is a crucial process wherein a professional examines public records to confirm the rightful legal owner of a property. This search also reveals any existing liens or claims on the property that could impact its purchase, safeguarding against future complications.


Compass Land and Title is a leading provider of comprehensive title search services in Tampa, Florida. Our company specializes in collaborating with title companies and lenders globally, offering a range of services from generating title searches to online recording services. We excel in delivering effective and efficient title solutions, setting us apart in the industry. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, we have quickly earned a reputation for excellence in title search services.


Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, we provide efficient, cost-effective, and accurate title search services to our clients. Our expert staff, defined quality processes, and stringent security policies ensure that every title search is conducted with precision and reliability.

Residential Tampa Title Search

Our title search covers all past and present property owners, looking closely at things like liens, judgments, and tax issues that affect the property. We also identify any agreements or restrictions related to the property. Similarly, our owner search focuses on the current owner, going back in time from the present to check deeds and other documents related to the property. This thorough review includes details like taxes owed, mortgages, legal descriptions, and any other recorded information that might affect the property.

Commercial Tampa Title Search

Our commercial full search thoroughly examines the property’s entire history, including past owners, taxes, mortgages, and any outstanding liens or judgments. This in-depth review helps make informed decisions during commercial transactions. Similarly, our commercial current owner search looks at current deed information, taxes, security instruments, and any open liens or judgments, providing crucial details needed for commercial property deals. Additionally, our grantor and grantee search focuses on property-related documents within a specified time frame, gathering tax information to understand the property’s legal status and obligations thoroughly.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Phil Yost and Compass Land & Title for over 10 years and have appreciated more than just their ability to facilitate real estate transactions, title insurance and related services. They constantly demonstrate how well entrenched they are in the real estate industry and use their relationships to help their clients expand their business. The Compass team always provides impeccable service, professionalism and intense client focus. Simply said, no one does it better!”
Raymond Thomas
“Having many title relationships throughout the country, I do not often encounter such a dedicated, responsive and expert staff as I do when I have the pleasure of working with Compass Land & Title. The professionalism of the Compass employees is unsurpassed in this industry, which is why they have become our exclusive title service provider on all of our many Florida real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.”
Senior Vice President/National Counsel Advantage Title
“Compass Land & Title is my title agency of choice. In the height of the short sale mess when everyone was trying to figure out what to do, they served all of my clients well and with the utmost capacity for service, integrity and professionalism. I am happy to say that I have had a long standing relationship with them that I plan on continuing for many years to come. This is not a title mill, this is up close and personal service and attention to detail. Love, Love, love everyone at the Compass Land & Title shop, wouldn’t trade them for the world. One phone call and it’s done – that is why I love them.”