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Tampa, FL Title Insurance Services

At Compass Land and Title, we understand the critical importance of title insurance in protecting property owners and lenders from unforeseen title defects. Title insurance safeguards against potential claims arising from unknown defects in the title at the time of property sale, including fraud, forgery, unpaid property taxes, judgments, liens, or other encumbrances.

Policy Types

There are two primary types of title insurance policies:

Lender’s Policy (Mortgage Loan Policy):
  • Protects the lender’s interest in the property.
  • The coverage amount typically equals the loan amount and decreases as the loan balance decreases due to mortgage payments.
Owner’s Policy (Fee or Purchase Policy):
  • Protects the property owner up to the full original sales price of the property, for the entire time you own the property
  • The coverage amount remains constant and does not decrease over time.
  • Applies to Leasehold Policies and Construction Loan Policies as well.


Licensed Title Insurers

Compass Land and Title works with licensed title insurers approved by regulatory authorities. We provide transparency by offering access to a list of licensed title insurers and their websites for additional information.

Discounted Premiums

Title insurance premiums may be lower under specific circumstances:

  • Simultaneous Mortgage Issue: Reduced rates apply when both Owner’s and Mortgage policies are issued at the same closing.
  • Refinance/Subordinate Mortgage: Discounted premiums are available for Mortgage Loan policies issued during refinancing within ten years of a prior insured mortgage or fee policy, without change in ownership or property.

Trust Compass Land and Title for reliable title insurance services in Tampa, ensuring protection and peace of mind for property owners and lenders. Contact us today to learn more about our title insurance offerings tailored to your needs.


Compass Land & Title title insurance services

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“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Phil Yost and Compass Land & Title for over 10 years and have appreciated more than just their ability to facilitate real estate transactions, title insurance and related services. They constantly demonstrate how well entrenched they are in the real estate industry and use their relationships to help their clients expand their business. The Compass team always provides impeccable service, professionalism and intense client focus. Simply said, no one does it better!”
Raymond Thomas
“Having many title relationships throughout the country, I do not often encounter such a dedicated, responsive and expert staff as I do when I have the pleasure of working with Compass Land & Title. The professionalism of the Compass employees is unsurpassed in this industry, which is why they have become our exclusive title service provider on all of our many Florida real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.”
Senior Vice President/National Counsel Advantage Title
“Compass Land & Title is my title agency of choice. In the height of the short sale mess when everyone was trying to figure out what to do, they served all of my clients well and with the utmost capacity for service, integrity and professionalism. I am happy to say that I have had a long standing relationship with them that I plan on continuing for many years to come. This is not a title mill, this is up close and personal service and attention to detail. Love, Love, love everyone at the Compass Land & Title shop, wouldn’t trade them for the world. One phone call and it’s done – that is why I love them.”