Title Company Help When Selling Your Home Without An Agent

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How can a title insurance company help when selling your Florida home without a real estate agent?

In Florida you can sell your home without having to use a licensed real estate agent and Realtor. Agents have their benefits. Many property owners would never dream of selling without one. Others feel capable of handling it, or want to try and save on the commission. It is possible, but you will need help.

Real estate transactions are notoriously complex and full of liability. When buying or selling a home without representation you will still have various vendors involved in the process. And they can help if you learn to use them well.

So what can a title insurance company do for you?

Attorneys & Contracts

A title company may be able to help you with various forms and contracts involved in selling your home. Most Florida title companies will have a real estate attorney on staff. They may help review your contract as well.

Title Searches & Insurance

Title searches and title insurance play an important role in Florida real estate transactions. Depending which county your property is in you may have a choice of your own title company. This is important, and can make a big difference. Sellers and agents are also increasingly commissioning title searches in advance to be able to give buyers confidence in the deal, and to ensure there are no title flaws which could stall a transaction after the contract is signed.

Lien Negotiation & Satisfactions

Old and erroneous liens have become a common issue since 2008. When you sell your home you need to make sure those liens are paid off and a satisfaction of lien and mortgage is received and recorded. Your title company can help there. They may even be able to help negotiate down lien payoffs so that you get to keep more of the sales price.

Coordinating the Closing

Even if you don’t need assistance with any of the above a title company will help coordinate the closing with the various parties involved, notarize signatures, and ensure the safe handling and disbursement of funds on time.


There are lots of ways a title insurance company can help with the purchase and sale of your next home in Florida. If you have questions pick up the phone and ask. At Compass Land & Title you can even just get online right from your mobile phone and use the title calculator to determine costs, request a free quote, order title, and even get tips on marketing your home.

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